Proton Sport Automatic 1.5 SE Triple Valve Le Mans

It seems like a Proton Saga once marketed locally in 1985, but it is not. It is a beauty Proton Sport. It got full MOT, four wheels, original white body color, ashes box, no airbags and that sporty sunroof.

Now categorized as among the banger (old car with poor condition) car in UK, some still roaming the london street and motorways. Can be bought at only GBP210 or just over a MYR1000, with some refurbishment perhaps, Proton Sport  can still be a perfectly reliable car. Maintaining this Proton Sport is very cheap, it can go 40 miles (64Km) per gallon (3.8Liter) of petrol that is twice the economical of newer BMW M3!

Photos credit: Fifth Gear.

See Tim doing his Proton Sport experience for a week, courtesy of Fifth Gear.

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