Some Extreme Stuff You Can Do At District 21

District 21 is an urban post apocalyptic adventure playground. Outdoor games played indoor within IOI City Mall, Putrajaya.

District 21 now have 10 adventure attractions, many unique to District 21 the one and only in Asia. At District 21, no onlookers allowed, everybody must play to the extreme like climbing, jumping, riding, sliding and even flying.

District 21 already been recognized in Malaysian Book of Records for:
1. The First Indoor Pump Track in Malaysia
2. The First Indoor Ropes Course for Children in Malaysia
3. The First Indoor High Ropes Course in Malaysia
4. The First Indoor Maze in Malaysia
5. The First Indoor Roller Glider in Malaysia

Photos credit: CosmopilitanDistrict 21, Fahmi.

Click to play video below, short description of what District 21 adventure park is all about. Jitzi having fun with her family at District 21. Enter at your own risk.

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