Kuala Lumpur - Singapore HSR Malaysia Station Designs

90 minutes journey from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore at 320KM/H is not just about fast transportation, but also modern but unique experience. Hence Malaysia HSR already came with uniquely approved concept of HSR stations in Malaysia, in par with Malaysia rich heritage and culture.

1. Bandar Malaysia
My Gateway: The first station for KL-SG HSR acting as a gateway for HSR link. A focal connecting point will other existing Kuala Lumpur's public transportation including MRT, commuter and airport express rail. Geometric design is inspired by the confluence of Gombak River and Klang River at the Blue Lake, the design that going to lift Malaysia into the future century.

2. Bangi-Putrajaya
My People: Inspired by Malaysia official religion, Islam, and Islamic architecture of many local mosque. It envisions Malaysia as a progressive nation, and pointed arches as a symbol of unity and togetherness.

3. Seremban
My Vision: HSR station in the park, at Malaysian Vision Valley. Seremban station inspired by unique roof of traditional Sri Menanti palace, a symbol proud heritage and sophistication for futuristic development.

4. Melaka
My Heritage: Inspired by the busy straits of Malacca as main shipping channel. The HSR station here is the modern take on sails, a statement of Melaka as a thriving shipping port and its vision towards futuristic future.

5. Muar
My Future: The rehal, a book rest used when reciting Quran. Recognize Muar's role in Malaysian history. A region of where numerous academic and political leaders called home. A centre for education and going to be Malaysia latest hub for higher learning.

6. Batu Pahat
My Culture: Inspired by Kuda Kepang dance. The main fixture at grandeur celebrations and occastions in Johor.

7. Iskandar Puteri
My Encounter: This is the last HSR station in Malaysia before border-crossing to Singapore. It signifies the role of Islandar Puteri as a meeting place between people and culture. Thus the handshake as a peaceful gesture between civilization.

Photos credit: MyHSR Corporation.

See the video by HSR Corporation below unveiling the architectural concept design for all seven HSR stations in Malaysia for the Kuala Lumpur - Singapore High Speed Rail.

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