Star Trek Captain Says She Is From Langkawi Island

Michelle Yeoh, Malaysia only prominent actor who managed to go hollywood, made a scene again now in CBS Star Trek Discovery tv series as an exploration spaceship U.S.S. Shenzhou captain named Captain Philippa Georgiou.

In Season 1 Episode 15, Captain Philippa Georgiou (she is not, she is Terran Empress mirror Philippa Georgiou saved from alternate universe) goes head to head with stubborn Michael Burnham asking her why she leave her U.S.S. Shenzhou deck's station without permission. While the captain debating facts about bravery with Mr. Saru...

Michael Burnham: Where you from, captain? That saying about Kelpiens is so apt. Having experience it first hand. I wonder where it originating.
Philippa Georgiou: Don't be silly, Michael. You know I grew up in Malaysia.
Michael Burnham: But where exactly? I went there with you once but I can't remember the name.
Philippa Georgiou: Pulau Langkawi.
Michael Burnham: Right, those beautiful beaches.
Philippa Georgiou: Indeed.

When Georgiou mentioned Langkawi in Star Trek Discovery scene, it stirred excitement among the Langkawi Island people, the clip like below gone viral in an instant.

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