Why Visit Malaysia 2020 Logo So Ugly?

Visit Malaysia 2020 is indeed ugly. Fulltstop. But no matter how huge everybody throw their critics, how below standard it is and how it actually a disgrace towards Malaysia designers as a whole, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz defended the logo, the very work of Malaysia Tourism Ministry in-house design department, paid for RM15,000.

  1. Visit Malaysia 2020 logo not designed to attracts locals, but 1.5 million foreign tourist/ traveller.
  2. Those KLCC's Petronas Twin Towers, proboscis monkey and turtle are unique to Malaysia, foreigners want to visit these all.
  3. These animals wear sunglasses because Malaysia is a sunny country with beautiful beaches and into conservation of the environment.
  4. It is so colourful because Malaysia is very diverse in culture, and it is fun to visit Malaysia.
  5. The Visit Malaysia 2020 logo is like a child's drawing logo because tourism should not be serious, it should be fun.
  6. "Travel, Enjoy, Respect" is in par with United Nations World Tourism Organisation's aspirations.

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