Bigo Live App Is Socially More Fun Than Ever Now

Bigo Live App Live Stream is getting more than 200,000 active users now. For some Bigo Live App means socially casual video chat, for some Bigo Live App means fame and influence, but for some Bigo Live App means easy bread and butter (money).

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Following the growing user base, Bigo Live App is now more fun than ever. Not just watch and broadcast live video, Bigo Live App users now able to do more with their video live app, such as:
1. Watch live streams
2. Being a broadcaster
3. Multi-guest live broadcasting (9 broadcasters together)
4. Invite up to two friends to live together
5. PK compete with other broadcaster
6. Find nearby people
7. Game/ music streaming
8. Exchange accumulated beans for cash (USD)

Additional rewards:
8. Meet required Broadcasting Quality and gets grand rewards
9. Take part in Live House competition and gets rewards
10. Attend interview and become official Bigo Live App broadcaster

Photos credit: Bigo Live.

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