Kuala Lumpur Goes Dark During Earth Hour 2018

3, 2, 1, lights off. Kuala Lumpur goes dark as many city residents taking part in global Earth Hour climate change awareness movement starting at 8:30pm on 24 March 2018.

Earth Hour lights off symbolically done for the duration of 60 plus minutes. But as always, the movement act grows over the years of doing it. Now Earth Hour in Kuala Lumpur starts as early as 6pm and finished at 10pm or as late as 12am on midnight.

There were Earth Hour mini festivals and celebrations done in the dark, as little as lighting candles to mini entertainment singing and dancing showcases, unplugged, scatters in many event places in Kuala Lumpur eg:
1. Earth Hour Celebration - Publika
2. Earth Hour Blackout Fest - Sunway Lagoon
3. Earth Hour Glow Party - Atria Shopping Gallery
4. Earth Hour Walk - Mount Kiara
5. Earth Hour Party - CITTA Mall
6. Earth Hour - Hartamas Shopping Centre
and many more.

Star video below showing some places around the world including few other landmarks in Malaysia eg: Komtar Penang, Darul Hana Bridge Sarawak, KLCC Petronas Twin Towers and TRX The Exchange 106, all goes dark with a flick of switch.

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