Iconic Kuala Terengganu KTTC Drawbridge

Terengganu is building Asia's first drawbridge. An iconic landmark in Kuala Terengganu Trade Centre (KTTC), a new vibrant heritage waterfront city, which is also massively under construction.

KTTC drawbridge nearly complete, February 2019.

When competed, perhaps in September 2018, KTTC drawbridge will be the 2nd link connecting the southbound estuary of Kuala Terengganu city area adjacent northbound estuary of Seberang Takir, connecting KTTC directly towards (scheduled for completion in April 2019) Sultan Mahmud Airport in Kuala Nerus.

KTTC drawbridge is designed to be 632 meters in length with additional 50 meters draw span when the drawbridge is open to commuters, and when the bridge is closed for traffic, the drawbridge able to elevate its left and right center road segments up to 12 meters upwards while letting bigger ships passing through ins and outs the bay area.

Photos credit: Khir Khalid, ATRAECER, Azam, NSTP.

Below are some under construction photos from February 2018 to March 2018. KTTC Drawbridge also have two towering structures at both ends of the drawbridge, allowing for public spaces eg: one exclusive restaurant for 200 pax and, a sightseeing and gallery deck that can also accommodate 200 people inside.

Feb 2019 Update: This RM248 million in cost KTTC drawbridge construction is expected to finish in this month February 2019, and will be opened to traffic in April 2019. The "CLOSE" bascule height is high up to 40 feet and there will be enough space for "Class C" fishing boat to pass under the bridge. Bigger ships need to follow the drawbridge's "OPEN" bascule schedule. Once finished, KTTC drawbridge will be handed over to Terengganu Inc for managing daily operation.
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