PDRM 211th Police Memorial Day Smartphone Wallpapers

Get these special posters/ mobile wallpapers released by F Squad of Royal Malaysia Police (Polis DiRaja Malaysia PDRM) Special Branch.

Posters released in conjunction with 211th Police Memorial Day celebration in Malaysia. Official limited edition mobile posters/ wallpapers given free from March 12th to March 24, 2018.

F Squad (or F-Team) is a secret part of already-secretive Special Branch in PDRM. Except for a certain individual, Malaysian public actually don't know about the existence of F-Squad until year 2016. For a fact, F Squad was formed since 1970's with only 200 elite members working actively, originally in fighting communist threat, not even their life partner's eg: wife or family members known what their 'police dad' or 'police husband' real job was (or is).

Current (year 2018) Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Datuk Seri Mohamad Fuzi Harun came from Special Branch Chief Commissioner beforehand.

Download those posters here, full-sized wallpapers from official PDRM source:
Eastern Sabah security - ESSCOM
Federal reserved unit - FRU
Mounted unit - Unit Berkuda PDRM
General operations force - Pasukan Gerakan Am (PGA)
Commando - 69 Frogman PDRM, 69 Komando PDRM
Air squadron - Pasukan Gerak Udara (PGU)
Special operations - Unit Tindak Khas (UTK) PDRM, UTK PDRM.
Bomb disposal unit - Unit Pemusnah Bom PDRM
Special branch - Cawangan Khas PDRM

Photos credit: Royal Malaysia Police.

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