PDRM Air Wing (PGU) Peninsular Air Base Subang

PDRM Air Wing (Pasukan Gerakan Udara - PGU) is launching its own Peninsular Headquarters in Subang, in an effort to curb ever growing cross-border criminal activities.

PDRM Air Wing Peninsular Air Base in Subang is not just for training, operating drones or closed-circuit cameras only but will be used as crucial PDRM Air Wing operation center, part of Malaysia modern policing. Located at the north end of Subang airport, linked directly to the runway allowing PDRM Air Wing to operate continuous 24 hours operation.

Modern and sophisticated PDRM Air Wing Peninsular Air Base covered 40 acres of land, with 17 new buildings and a large blue-painted hangar that could house large and high performance aircraft, built for the future.

PDRM Air Wing currently has 31 aircraft with 30% of them are totally new fleet. Among those inventory are...

20 fixed wing/ airplanes:
- 5 Pilatus Porter
- 6 Cessna Caravan
- 4 Cessna SP172
- 5 Beechcraft King Air (eg: a plane inside hangar picture below)

11 rotary/ helicopters:
- 9 Airbus AS355
- 2 Finmeccanica AW139 (eg: picture below)

Photos credit: Airsoc, Bernama, PDRM.

Play video documentary below, emphasizing on PDRM Air Wings various job scope, from maritime policing, border security, helping-hand in crime investigation, eagle eye during security escort, rapid deploymend search & rescue, almost everything about Malaysian airspace protection and its security.

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