Astro NJOI Free Access to 29 TV Channels & 20 Radios Forever

The thing is in Malaysia, in term of satellite TV, there is only one company that is serving premium TV channels for all. If you feel like not paying, why not just opt-in for this access, NJOI free satellite TV from Astro.

Yes, normal tv is getting digital already. But Astro NJOI is still better than government MyTV channels. Astro NJOI gives you all MyTV channels plus more channels free from Astro. Since Astro is not just service provider, but also content creator and content distributor, having Astro NJOI is like having a decoder to access limited or all quality TV contents being broadcasted by Astro.

While it is free, Astro NJOI gives more news channels, selection of Astro only education channels for school children and more family entertainment as well. All free. This is more-than-enough kind of a deal. Obviously a steal.

Get Astro NJOI Decoder: Clich here (Lazada Malaysia).

Having Astro NJOI is also a step up, with simple top-up, you can tap into all other TV channels, films and box office bundles like standard Astro. So if eg: you feel bored to death this week, or during schools holidays kids all at home, or your mom coming to your house this week, or want to watch Hafizh Syahrin racing MotoGP live, or upcoming Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup live, why must subscribe monthly if you can just  top-up and watch those channels for only a day, a few days, a week, or a months, up to you. Smart isn't it?

Astro NJOI is definitely smart TV consumerism. Pay extra for only what you want to view. No burden of unnecessary monthly subscription or paying TV channels that you actually not gonna ever watch. Everything else is forever free.

Astro NJOI installation team will come to your house, NJOI decoder set and ready, switch it on and you can immediately access selection of live TV channels from Astro Broadcasting, no contract, no monthly commitment.
Malay/ Native: TV1, TV2, TV3, Astro Prima, Astro Oasis, NTV7, Okey, Al-Hijrah, TV9, Astro Maya HD.
Indian: Astro Vaanavil, Makkal TV
Chinese: Xi Yue HD, Astro AEC, iView, Celestial Classic, Asto Xiao Tai Yang, 8TV.
News: CCTV4, Astro Awani, Bernama TV.
Education: Astro Tutor TV UPSR, Astro Tutor TV PT3, Astro Tutor TV SPM
Shopping: Go Shop, Go Shop Chinese.

More? Buy top up, watch other TV channels/ pay-per-view live events from Astro for a price of as cheap as a day only viewing. Eg: Akademi Fantasia, HBO, Astro Supersport etc.

More? Buy top up, pick from a selection of recent movie/ box-office bundles, turn your home into a weekend cinema. Eg: Astro Box Office, Astro First for recent movies etc.

Astro NJOI also gives free NJOI NOW mobile app, so you can watch any broadcast TV channels including about videos on Astro On Demand on your mobile devices, anywhere you go.

Never forget the radio, you get 20 live radio channels.

Having Astro NJOI is definitely worth it.

Photos credit: Astro NJOI.

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