Proton's First SUV: Proton X7 PX7 X70 X700

The very first and official first look on Malaysian car maker, Proton, on their very first Proton SUV.

In all honesty, the very first photo above, is the one and only real thing ever released, officially by Proton regarding their first Proton SUV. Other photos posted anywhere, is only rumors among car enthusiast.

First Proton SUV will be named according to currently running Proton online SUV public voting and will be known either:
- Proton X7
- Proton PX7
- Proton X70
- Proton X700
- or else.

Though not widely known, Proton already done First Proton SUV Preview in February, in selected Proton dealerships and venues around Malaysia.

During those First Proton SUV Preview round however, Proton only displayed Geely Boyue 1.8 SUV, a turbocharged model in dazzle camouflage vinyl, still with 'wrong' left hand drive steering, and no Proton insignia installed yet.

For the specs, Geely Boyue-inspired Proton SUV could be about the size of Honda CRV, few mm smaller, and powered by Geely Boyue engine, one of the top 10 engines of the year, in China, in 2015.

Proton SUV will enter Malaysian C-segment SUV market this year around September 2018, just right before November's Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS 2018).

Update Sept. 7th, 2018: Proton SUV is already revealed: See it here, Proton X70.
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