Kuala Krai Specialist Hospital An Upgrade To Kuala Krai

People in Kuala Krai Kelantan received a huge upgrade in term of healthcare, doesn't need to travel as far as 70km to Kota Bharu to receive medical treatment anymore.

With the opening Hospital Pakar Kuala Krai (Kuala Krai Specialist Hospital) in Pahi, Kuala Krai is now a community with international standard in healthcare.

Kuala Krai Specialist Hospital costing the federal government RM300million in expense, a 40 acres hospital complex developed within total 100 acres surrounding garden in Pahi. A hospital in the park with patients capacity of 268 hospital beds, 8 operating rooms, specialist clinics, jogging track, football field and an auditorium.

Obviously a huge upgrade able to accommodate 2,700 hospital staffs. Kuala Krai Specialist Hospital is six storeys high able to serve not just Kuala Krai but also nearby patients from areas eg: Gua Musang, Tanah Merah, Jeli and Tanah Merah.

Photos credit: Kelantan State.

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