Legasi Kampong Bharu Building Generations

Kampung Baru formerly created by British in 1900 as a rice field spot for Malay farmers. Today, Kampung Baru is the last true Malay village situated in the heart of ever moden and ever growing Kuala Lumpur.

Life at Kampung Baru is a bit slow-paced with closed access to all shiny modern things nearby, those amenities and traditional one or two-storey Malay homes giving this area a unique village cultural values that someone likes to preserve.

But Kampung Baru seems not able to resist forever. It is a mind-blown that Kampung Baru managed to stay underdeveloped for so long. Pressure from city center demand Kampung Baru to rise for a better standard of living, and that means to grow vertically.

Vertical living is a known threat to the sense of cultured community, but in a place like Kuala Lumpur, is always seems unavoidable to do so. Kampung Baru also is actually continuously growing from only few hundreds to 18,000 in 2010 to projected 77,000 in next 2035. Hence if you must do it, it better to did it right.

Here comes Legasi Kampung Bharu, the very first modern mixed development able to penetrate into Kampung Baru. A development with preservation in mind. With this development, developer already recognized 11 houses in Kampung Baru to be preserved for its heritage values. This is an apartment residential with condominium facilities, that probably going to delight every generations.

Legasi Kampung Bharu consist of:

Legasi Residence
A 43 storey residential apartment housing 66 type A and 364 type B including reserved 206 affordable RUMAWIP units in floor 1-9.

Menara Legasi
A 29 storey Islamic designed office tower block of 83 units office space.

Jajaran Niaga
A single-storey block offering 43 retail lots.

Residents of Legasi Kampung Bharu are lucky enough, given its prime location, mesmerizing high value apartment views awaits towards:
- KLCC's Petronas Towers
- Menara Kuala Lumpur
- Jalan Tun Razak
- Jalan Sultan Ismail etc.

Photos credit: Uda Legasi.

Indulge into the beauty moden living of Legasi Kampong Bharu with the same old classic Malay culture.

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