Proton First SUV Clay Model Front Exterior Details

Proton finally made it Proton First SUV official preview. While not quiet up to scale, but the First SUV official clay model is showing every front exterior details, with front grill Proton emblem readily installed.

Everything below this is official. Based obviously on Chinese Geely Boyue, but looks a little bit different, especially Proton bumper and Proton grill. First Proton SUV will be equipped with turbocharged engine under the hood, will features something new, cool and premiums eg:

- Autonomous emergency braking
- Adaptive cruise control
- Lane departure warning
- Blind spot detection
- Intelligent high beam control
- 360 degree 3D camera
- Smart air purifier
- Internet connectivity
- Smart phone remote control

Proton First SUV, with Proton front emblem installed.
Proton First SUV, half front of the car exterior details finally revealed.

Update Sept. 7th, 2018: Proton SUV is already revealed: See it here, Proton X70.
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