Sambal Garing Che' Nor The Best Hot Anchovies Condiments Ever

Sambal Garing Che' Nor is probably the most delicious and popular ready-to-eat hot and crispy dried anchovies with chilly flakes condiment in Malaysia. Famous among many Malaysian consumers during fasting season, Ramadan.

Sambal Garing Che' Nor recipe? Simply fried some ingredients to perfect crisp, then mix them all into well-balanced sambal. Consumer gets extra fried anchovies per jar:
- Clean anchovies
- Organic chilly flakes
- Pinch of salts
- Vegetable oil

This condiment is very versatile, Sambal Garing Che' Nor can be eaten with many favorite meals in Malaysia, just drizzle this hot and crispy anchovy condiments into white rice, fried rice, onto fried pasta or mac & cheese etc. It opens up new comforting taste from any meals.

Buy online: Click here (Lazada Malaysia).

Che Nor Food begins as a restaurant, namely Restoran Che' Nor Cendol Madu, in Damansara since 2014. Back then the owner made the condiments in small batch selling on the premise counter.

Realized customers loved Sambal Garing Che' Nor, Che Nor Food then renting 2-storey commercial unit in Subang 2, Shah Alam hiring 12 workers, manufacturing more sambal for everybody.

See photos below for a brief sight on how Sambal Garing Che' Nor is made by Che Nor Food.

Photos credit: Sambal Garing Che' Nor.

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