Touch 'n Go Malaysia Electronic Cash-card

Touch 'n Go is a very convenient way to pay fares in Malaysia especially in Kuala Lumpur's or Klang Valley public transport. The Malaysia electronic cash-card equivalent to UK Osyter Card or HK Octopus Card.

The days of so many cards is gone. Everything in Malaysia now is integrated under one prepaid electronic-cash card, Touch 'n Go. Used by Malaysian Malaysian toll expressway and highway operators as sole electronic payment system. Touch 'n Go is a plastic smart card with embedded Philips' MIFARE classic microchip.

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There is also Touch 'n Go TimeTraveller watch, suitable for urban moto riders, easier when need to swipe. After you got the card, please register here for protection eg: card loss, card broken, credit transfer.

Better than cash, faster than credit. Touch 'n Go is now the perfect alternative to cash in all Malaysia. User can use Touch 'n Go for purchases as low as RM1, with no signature needed, just touch and you are good to go. It is also comparatively cheaper around 5% to 15% when paying with Touch 'n Go rather than cash.

Touch 'n Go is now more than just ERP toll paying card, Touch 'n Go is now accepted so widespread throughout major cities and major brand establishments in Malaysia eg:

- Tolls, car parks
- LRT, MRT, KTM, Monorail, buses
- Airport coaches eg: KLIA / NUsentral
- Petrol stations
- Convenience stores eg: 7e
- Pharmacies eg: Watsons
- Vending machines
- more

With Touch 'n Go, nobody need cash anymore. Pay for gym or you can even buy a drink, or a donut with Touch 'n Go. But here is the news, Touch 'n Go already partnered with Alipay, you maybe could use Touch 'n Go paying for satay or cendol at street night market or veggies and fruits at local farmers market.

Photos credit: Touch 'n Go, Says.

Touch 'n Go at ATM
Touch 'n Go for paying toll.
Touch 'n Go Smart TAG, no need to swipe anything just drive through.
Touch 'n Go using TimeTraveller watch.
Watch2Pay's Touch 'n Go TimeTraveller Watch, white.
Watch2Pay's Touch 'n Go TimeTraveller Watch, black.
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