Healthy RM6 Breakfast In Kuala Lumpur

Good morning Kuala Lumpur. This is a short post on how you can get healthy breakfast in the most expensive city of Kuala Lumpur.

The idea is to get probably acceptable fulfilling breakfast that is cheap and healthy at the same time. The answer to healthy breakfast in Kuala Lumpur is actually really simple, fresh fruits. It is not going to brake your bank, you can eat fruits as breakfast everyday.

Just go to the nearest roadside fruit stall available in many city corners in Kuala Lumpur. All kinds of sliced and ready to eat fruits for cheap. Four fruits eg: snack packs of slices...

1. Papayas
2. Mangos
3. Watermelons
4. One banana
Total bill: RM6

This RM6 fruit breakfast is pretty good deal everybody can get in Kuala Lumpur, it does fill you up for the morning until you hit your lunch.

You always see a lot of fried food here in Kuala Lumpur, definitely contains a lot of oil. So try to avoid oil during breakfast because usually your lunch and dinner is packed with oil. So try a healthy fruit breakfast. Some fruits to keep you going, nice digestible vitamins in it to boost your morning without feeling any regrets.

Photos credit: Jason Billam.

Slices of Papayas
Slices of Mangos
Slices of Watermelons
One Banana
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