How To Watch 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia All Live In HD

The biggest sporting events on the planet, the 2018 FIFA World Cup returns, in Russia. With all 64 matches, all live, in HD.

A spectacular 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia opening ceremony, each and every game, all exclusive matches, prime time matches everyday. Pre and post 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia game shows, match previews, highlights.

Click here: All 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia live streaming matches schedules/ results in Malaysia time.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia available on all screens.

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is all available via (a) Astro Supersport channel for Astro Sports Pack subcribers and (b) World Cup Channel Pass for non-Sport Pack subscribers and non-Astro subscribers. Including the full 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia broadcast support with radio stations on-air and online.

1. Astro Supersport for Asto Subscribers
For Astro subcribers only, subscribe for Sports Pack (either Fans Pack, Super Pack or Super Pack Plus) at Channel 200.

2. NJOI from Astro
For NJOI decoder user, top-up and select World Cup Channel Pass (RM100*) at Promotions on Channel 200. 10 minutes free preview is also available. Click here to learn more about NJOI free satellite TV from Astro no contract no monthly commitment.

3. Astro GO for everyone else
Download app and select that World Cup Channel Pass (RM120*) inside.

* About World Cup Channel Pass
(i) World Cup Channel Pass - access to everything and all 64 matches live.
(ii) Match Pass - access one live match.
(iii) Group Pass - access to live matches on one selected group.
(iv) Knockout Stage Pass - access to all matches live from round 16, quarter finals, semi finals, 3rd place and finals.

All radios covering the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Melody Fm, MY Fm, Go Xuan Fm, Hitz Fm, Lite Fm, Zayan Fm, Raaga Fm, Mix Fm, Gegar Fm, Sinar Fm, Era Fm. All waves ready to give live and exclusive updates during the whole month of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

360 degree stadium tour and 180 degree live matches scenes via VRX.

Stadium Astro
Stay informed with highlight videos, latest news feed and real time statistics in the app. Also experience the game like never before, and be riding the World Cup action with new VRX. Enjoy match catch, with the second screen experience.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, be a part of the ultimate world cup experience. All of the action, all of the games, all of this, live on all screens from 14 June - 15 July, 2018. Half the matches kicking off before 11PM (Malaysia GMT+8 time).

FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup Matches/ News/ Standings/ Stats

Adidas Telstar18: 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Russia official match ball.
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