1MDB HQ Malaysia Strategic Investment Company

1MDB head office in Menara 1MC. Setup in 2009, launched in 11 January 2010, 1MDB is perhaps going to be the most important strategic investment company in Malaysia if not the world, if it just does not fail and embarrassingly embezzled by twisting fraud/ money laundering.

1MDB is a big company with its motto "Forging Partnership Advancing Growth", but if you ever see it on TV they keep showing you quarter minutes long of an office wall with 1MDB logo in Menara IMC with one staff working behind the counter.

In reality 1MDB is known as a secretive company in a so called strategic investment company that just having one person working, the CEO Arul Kanda, working for non administrative non functioning 1MDB advisory board with Malaysia 6th Prime Minister Najib Razak as the chairman and Jho Low, the Malaysian billionaire financier that somehow secretly working on most 1MDB deals/ moving money without any job titles in 1MDB ever, overseas.

1MDB has grown from only RM1 million capital into nearly RM50 billion business at its peak to currently RM38 billion (of debt, final due year 2038), hence 1MDB is now insolvent (all assets transferred to MoF) and all the debt must be paid by its guarantor, Malaysia Ministry of Finance (MoF), obviously using taxpayers' money.

If you want to read the whole 24 pages of 1MDB shenanigans, click here.

1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB)
Address: Level 8, Menara IMC, No 8,
Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: 03-2730 8288

Photos credit: Grant Corban Photography, Malaysian Insights.


1MDB front door heading to the head office.
Infamous 1MDB office.
1MDB launching, seen here Chairman of the 1MDB Advisory Board PM Najib Razak, Sarawak state governor Taib Mahmud, chinese State Grid Corp. delegations etc.
Menara IMC in KLCC precinct.
Tunku Abdul Razak large potrait.
1MDB money trails linked to 6th PM Najib Razak.
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