2 Expensive Scraps Sold For RM800,000 Each

When it comes to an airplane, even a scrap with practically nothing worth to do with it is expensive. These two airplanes, Boeing 747-400s, the scrap was finally sold for RM800,000 each.

Two abandoned airplanes Boeing 747-500 residing in an open tarmac in Senai International Airport, Johor already been sold in an open auction for a way less from initial asking price of RM5.3 million per unit nett.

These Boeing 747-400s already been left with no claims for almost 10 years, with airport parking bills raked in more than RM1 million in debt. Foreign company involving in aerospace scrap won the ownership in an open bid done in mid-2017 last year.

Abandoned Boeing 747-400 left for 10 years.

The Boeing 747-400 was the best selling model of Boeing 747 family of jetliners. Once priced at RM120 million each, recognized as icon of pop culture during 1980's, nicknamed 'Queen of The Skies', attracted many people peeking from terminal windows telling you 'that's 747!'. Today however, Boeing 747-400 is a jumbo jet of an old age with old 1980's technology eg: cathod ray tubes screens like analog TVs, analog setting knob, obsolete green black screen flight computers and more nostalgia. Less than 200 of these Boeing 747-400 still operating today.

Boeing 747-400 (1986)
Condition 70%
Initial Asking Price RM5.3M per unit nett
Final (Winning) Auctioned Bid Price: RM800,000 per unit nett

- Model 747-400: 2 storeys
- Queen of the sky
- Logistic Airlines
- Commercial/Passengers
- Status: Scrap
- Aged almost 30 years
- 2 units 
- Location: Senai Airport

S2-AFA B747-400 all untouched receiving dirt and soot.
Other view angle, massive, long endurance, but old, 747-400 is now expensive to maintain.
Boeing 747-400 abandoned but still intact. 
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