Geography Now: Malaysia

If anybody want to know about Malaysia, this is it. A very long everything about Malaysia makes short. A country in Nusantara Archipelago/ Southeast Asia known as Malaysia.

A. Malaysia Political Geography
Divided into two mainland 60% Peninsular Malaysia and 40% East Malaysia/ Malaysian Borneo with South China Sea waving in the middle between.

Malaysia divided into 13 states and 3 federal territories/ Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Labuan.

Largest cities:
1. Kuala Lumpur
2. Georgetown Penang
3. Ipoh.

Busiest Airports:
2. Kota Kinabalu International Airport
3. Penang International Airport

Founding of Malaysia can be simply told as below:
1. 11 Malayan states + Sabah + Sarawak.
2. Brunei rejected to join in.
3. Singapore joined in but 2 years later quit.

B. Malaysia Physical Geography
Places of interests:
1. Putrajaya largest roundabout in the world.
2. Petronas Twin Towers.
3. KL Tower.
4. Batu Caves with Hindu shrines.
5. Malaysia National Monument.
6. Legoland Malaysia in Johor.
7. Sunway Lagoon.
8. Malaysia National Mosque.
9. Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple, Penang.
10. Palaces eg: Negeri Sembilan Seri Menanti, Malacca, Perak.
11. Dutch building, A Famosa Fortress Melaka.
12. Leaning Tower Teluk Intan, Perak.
13. Cat Statue Kuching Sarawak.
14. Baba Nyonya heritage museum Melaka.
15. Sarawak Cultural Village.
16. Sepilok Orang Utan Rehab. Center.

Malaysia rest on the bottom of Eurasian Plate. Shielded on most side by Indonesia and Philippine. Geographically Malaysia is free from any major catastrophe. If any earthquake occurs, Indonesia absorbs all of it. Cyclones attacking, Indonesian and Philippines takes all the hit, if volcano erupts, well Malaysia do not have any volcanoes.

Largest reservoir is Tasik Kenyir in Pahang but East Malaysia Borneo has all the extreme: Highest mountain Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, longest river Sungai Rajang in Sarawak, and lots of animals. Malaysia is the most diverse biodiversity in the world. +14500 species  of flowering plants and trees, +600 birds, +200 species of mammals.
1. Most black panthers in the world.
2. Malayan tiger.
3. Elephants.
4. Rhinos.
5. Orang utans.
6. Tapirs.
7. Proboscis Monkeys.

Oldest rainforest in the world, three times oldest than Amazon.
1. Taman Negara
2. Niah Cavern.

1. Electronics.
2. 2nd largest palm oil producer in the world.
3. Petronas petroleums & gas.
4. Rubber, gloves and condoms.
5. Proton national car company.

1. Nasi kandar.
2. Nasi dagang.
3. Nasi kerabu.
4. Chicken percik.
5. Mangosteen.
6. Durian.
7. Nasi lemak.
8. Tarik tea.

C. Malaysia Demographic
"Malay" in Malaysia refers to Malay race. Malayan means Peninsular Malaysia. Malaysian is a nationality and citizenship.

Ethinicity. 32 million people.
1. 67% Malay and Indigenous./ Bumiputera.
2. 25% Chinese.
3. 7% Indian.
4. 1% Other/ White.

Malaysian Ringgit (RM) as currency. Using type G and M plug outlets. Drive on the left side of the road.

D. Malaysia Politic
Malaysia is one of the few democratic monarchy in the world. But in unconventional way, since Malaysia got 9 kings known as sultans the royal leaders/ rulers from 9 different states in Peninsular Malaysia. Every five years they rotate to allow one of the nine sultans to rule as head king known as Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. Malaysia is the only country in the world that does this.

Agong and other royals held under constitution limit to mostly cultural and religious affairs, and appointing certain leaders.

Most of government affairs done by Prime Minister in the Parliament. Most controversy is 14th general election 2018. For the first time since independence 1957, Barisan National lost the election, PKR or Pakatan Harapan took over in a peaceful transition lead by 92 years old Mahathir Mohamad the former 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

1. Malay/ Bahasa Melayu.
2. English.
3. Mandarin (Chinese)/ Tamil and Telugu (Indian).

1. Peranakan chinese.
2. Indian - Tamil and Telugu.
3. Ethnic Malays as largest people group.
4. Bajau in Semporna Sabah that can dive for hours without any scuba gears.

1. Islam is official religion.
2. Buddhist mostly from chinese community, hindu from Indians, and Christian.

Malay culture:
1. Tengkolok.
2. Baju Melayu.
3. Joget performing dance, Makyong theater, Wayang Kulit shadow puppetry, Silat martial arts, Songket weaving, Gamelan music.

E. Malaysia History
1. Langkasuka Hindu kingdom.
2. Buddhist kingdom.
3. Islamic Sultanate of Melaka.
4. Portuguese came in.
5. Dutch came in.
6. British came in/ White Rajah.
7. WWII Japanese came in.
8. British came in again.
9. Malayan Union 1946.
10. Federation of Malaya 1948.
11. Malaysia Independence Day (Friday), 31 August 1957.
12. Malaysia Day (Sunday), 16 September 1963.
13. Singapore separated from Malaysia, 9 August 1965.

Well this is too long to read to begin with. Just play the video below to replay all of the above writings in video format, probably easier to digest with energetic presenter and all those interesting graphics.

Credit: Geography Now.

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