Kelantan Design Masjid Ar-Rahman Mukim Pulau Gajah

This wooden mosque looks old, so traditional and out of era but actually brand new. Built by local private individual for public Muslim to do their daily Islamic rituals.

Masjid Ar-Rahman Mukim Pulau Gajah wooden mosque is inspired by its location, bring back the nostalgia of old Kelantanese-Malay architecture by applying Islamic wood carvings special to Kelantan to almost all features of the mosque.

Untrimmed big logs used as main support poles, batik motives ceilings and brown wood finishes really enhanced the raw traditional Kelantan values to this overall religious establishment.

Attention to detail is superb, wood carvings and metal platings, the traditional northern calligraphy is used everywhere in features eg: doors, ceilings, facades, walls, really built to amaze many visitors on the wonders of Kelantan legacy architectures and precious art-on-building skills.

Masjid Ar-Rahman Mukim Pulau Gajah
Kampung Pulau Gajah, Pulau Gajah,
16100 Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

Photos credit: Asyraf Othman.

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