There Will Be A 'Made In Malaysia' Space Launch in 2023

Silently and slowly, there is a Malaysian company Independence-X Aerospace (IDXA) is building state-of-the-art small rocket launcher to shoot Malaysia up to the stratosphere in as early as year 2023.

IDXA is a global Malaysia NewSpace company lead by CEO Izmir Yamin based in Technology Park Malaysia in Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur. After learning the Soyuz, found an improved technology for the rocket feeding system (requires 50% less fuel, less power consumption), IDXA is now creating the rocket launcher of the future called Dedicated Nano Launch Vehicle (DNLV).

Succeeded with Independence-I and Independence-II, then got endorsed by NASA in 2015, this DNLV smaller in size rocket launcher named Independence-3A, designed to fly ten stages (now in stage four) surpassing earth gravity drag, then up to the LEO band stratosphere and will be commercially ready in year 2023.

Some facts:
NewSpace means commercial space.
Low Earth Orbit (LEO) is commercial space altitude 2000 km or less above earth.
International Space Station (ISS) is roaming at 400 km above earth.
DNLV was featured in NASA "Small Spacecraft Technology: State of the Art" December 2015.

If everything goes as planned, IDXA will be able to do 2 DNLV launches a month (or 24 launches per year) offering launch services for cubesats or micro satellites owner to put their stuff into LEO orbit at a very much cheaper price.
- single payload (dedicated)
- multiple payload (ride share).

DNLV Launch Services
Maximum payload: 200 kg
Destination orbit: 500 km LEO
Price per launch: USD 4.5 million

Photos credit: IDXA.

IDXA DNLV, nano means only about 3-storey high launch rocket size.
Job description: rocket scientists and aerospace engineers.
Typical serial stages rocket ascent profile. Launch from Kuantan.
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