Malaysia's Spratly Islands

Aside growing tension on China's military dominance in South China Sea, Malaysia also owns quiet a significant marine formations, 11 in exact, in world most disputed deep sea region, Spratly Islands.

Short after Malaysia sea Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) been recognized in September 20, 1979, Malaysia proceeded with placing small monuments and easy building installations in some of coral formations in its EEZ in further firming Malaysia's claim in Spratly Islands. At that time the whole mission called Humble Hut.

1. Terumbu Layang-Layang
The most important event could be Malaysia's claim on Terumbu Layang-Layang. In 1983, 4th Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir done his overnight stay at the Humble Hut for the very first time. Later on he decided to establish Terumbu Layang-Layang as a vacation island (first photo above) and further widens Malaysia's EEZ and increase Malaysia dominance in Spratly Islands.

Terumbu Layang-Layang Malaysia Spratly Islands.

Terumbu Layang-Layang, 156 nautical miles on the northwest of Kota Kinabalu Sabah. In early times, there was no structure nothing there except for a mere small monument built by Squadron 1, 2 and 8 of Bina Regiments and Squadron 92 of Royal Malay Regiment (RAMD). But in May 1983, the navy sent out 11 PASKAL commandos to do the permanent stay in Terumbu Layang-Layang. This mission was known as "a home under the skyline" since the island is a lonely place with seas of no boundaries all around it. Embankment has been done in stages and Lima Station has been inaugurated by Malaysia 4th PM.

Terumbu Ubi Malaysia Spratly Islands.
2. Terumbu Ubi
Situated at 07°36'.4N/ 113°55'.8E with 11.4 square kilometers on top of Ubi Reef. The island module developed by Malaysia above is 60 meters in length, 24 meters wide and 4.5 meters height built in 1984.

Terumbu Mantanani Malaysia Spratly Islands.
Terumbu Peninjau Malaysia Spratly Islands.
Terumbu Siput Malaysia Spratly Islands.
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