NTV7 Malaysia Live Streaming

NTV7 is Media Prima Television Network (MPTV)'s longest free-to-air terrestrial TV channel.  In early 2018, all media network and TV channels under Media Prima have been scrutinized for brand repositioning.

On March 2018, Media Prima unveiled a new branding for NTV7 with the newly revamped NTV7 logo and "Feel It" tagline. Along with that NTV7 has been changed to target urban younger audience. This can be seen from its new content line-ups, including selections of new Turkish telenovelas, Hong Kong and Koreans TV series, and at the same time reduction of most of its Chinese contents (moved to 8TV).

NTV7 is now a TV channel for modern Malaysia mass audiences with gradually increasing fresh English and Malay contents.

NTV7 is broadcasting on Channel 107 across all distributing platforms eg: MyFreeview, Astro, NJOI and Unifi TV.

Watch NTV7 "Feel It" Malaysia live streaming by navigating to the official pages below:
1. NTV7 live streaming on Tonton.
2. NTV7 live streaming on Xtra.

PS: Embedded NTV7 livestreaming should auto-load and readily playing right now. If your internet is slow, let it load for a while. If problem still persist, click here.

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