With SoCar Car Rental, No Need To Buy A Car Anymore.

Kpop biggest car-sharing, actually car rental service is now in Malaysia. Unlike Grabcar or MyTeksi etc, SoCar is an e-hailing app for those who prefer to drive.

According to SoCar Malaysia, 93% of Klang Valley city residents own at least one car, but 90% of these vehicles are idling/ parking somewhere for most of the time. Hence there is the logic for SoCar to enter their service in Malaysia, first in KL and Selangor because with SoCar, you don't need to own a car anymore, and every hassle that comes along with it eg: car loans, car maintenance, fuel cost to worry about and also car insurance.

Users can rent SoCar:
1. Via SoCar android app or SoCar iOS app
2. As low as RM8 per hour
3. Includes 30km worth of petrol
4. Additional RM0.25 per km (petrol) will be charged after 30km.

Using SoCar is as simple as (1) Book (2) Unlock (3) Drive.

SoCar users need to:
1. Return the car with at least half-a-tank petrol
2. Fail to do so, RM100 penalty.
3. Refuel using provided petrol card.

SoCar technology:
1. Keyless car unlock using SoCar app.
2. Car can be taken/ park at many available parking bays eg: malls/ public transport stations.

SoCar additional service:
1. 2D2 valet, you decide where you want to get and return the car back. Additional RM5 will be charged, now available only in Bangsar and Damansara Heights.

Drive SOCAR Mini 3 Door in Kuala Lumpur.

SoCar rental price and fleet of cars, from compacts to sedans and SUVs:
1. Perodua Axia -  8/hr
2. Perodua Myvi - RM 12.90/hr
3. Perodua Alza - RM 13.90/hr
4. VW Polo - From RM 13.90/hr
5. Honda City - RM 14.90/hr
6. Toyota Vios - RM 15.50/hr
7. Honda HR-V - RM 17/hr
8. Mini 3 Door - RM 30/hr

SoCar Malaysia weekday rental rates.

SoCar coverage, so far:
1. 8 types of cars in 166+ and growing locations.
2. SoCar starts with 240 cars, aim to grow for more.
3. Almost all prime locations in Klang Valley got SoCar.

SOCAR coverage (Aug 2018), all of these and some more at the KLIA Airport below off the map.

More SoCar?:
1. Stress Pass, cheaper rental rates for offpeak hours.
2. If you book 24hours, SoCar only charge you maximum 10hours.
3. Rent SoCar for as little as 30 minutes to maximum a week.
4. Yolo Pass, drive one-way to airport, return at airport parking.
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