The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya 2018 Eisner Awards Best Digital Comic Nominee

Here read this comic The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya by Reimena Yee, a Malaysian comic artist now being nominated for this year 2018 Eisner Awards in Best Digital Comic.

Eisner Awards are like Oscar for comic industry in U.S.A. They also award international works and artist, mostly digital/ webcomic.

"The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya" by Reimena Yee set in Ottoman Istanbul or Konstantiniyya as the locals calls it, is a story about Zeynel, an imam turned carpet merchant, and his family and his life, before and after being turned into a vampire. The comic deals with the consequences of living as vampires in an Islamic community very sweetly, if sometimes sadly. But the comic art, is visually gorgeous.

Read the few pages of prologue below to see if you can get interested.

The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya: Vol I.
Prologue: Page 1.
Prologue: Page 2.
Prologue: Page 3.
Prologue: Page 4.
A vampire story!!!
After the prologue like above, the comic starts with full blown visually beautiful setting. Reimena Yee really knows how to draw, with all those ottoman motives and all.

Click here to read the full digital comic. A comic by Malaysian artist who now got noticed internationally.

The author Reimena Ashel Yee also now seeking backers to realize her dream to print and publish this comic The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya and sell it into bookshops around the globe. Click here to back this comic.

Example of hardcover version.
Book 1 - The Carpet Merchant.
Book 2 - The Vampire.
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