REKA CRETA Turns Any Normal Car Into AI Self-Driving Car

From a simple video processing research, REKA now lead Malaysia in building CRETA, Malaysia 1st ubiquitous self-driving car.

This is not like Tesla, CRETA by REKA is an ubiquitous autonomous car gear, sort of a car self assemble kit, mehanical gears, cameras and sensors with a small AI chip, that can turn any existing car into a self-driving car. Not just that, each CRETA car can communicate among them CRETA cars, thus creating a network of autonomous fleet of CRETA cars on our steet, useful for collision avoiding, scheduling and other fancy staff.

How CRETA works?
1. (Sensor) Web camera: each moment captured with a Logitech web camera.
2. (Brain) AI: each moment analyzed, processed and decided by algorithm.
3. (Reaction) RIG: each second controlled by IoT Dev Board.

REKA takes about 2 months to develop CRETA, and after that already been tested on-road, successfully, full automatic self-driving car trip from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur without any problem.

Any consumer? With CRETA, perhaps even a legacy Perodua Kancil can be a self-driving car.

On board Logitech camera.
Front fast rotating sensor.
Approaching "Danger human detected".
Assembling CRETA autonomous car kit.
Gears for the self-turning car steering.
Play this video below, REKA converted multiple normal cars eg: white Proton Perdana, red Proton Perdana, silver Proton Waja into fully autonomous cars. If you able to get into one of this CRETA equipped cars, the AI actually able to communicates with human on board telling you about "I think I should turn left" and at the same time turning the steering wheel to the left, giving early warning about approaching danger etc.

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