The Musang King, King of Kings (of Fruits)

Durian D197, registered since 1993 in Malaysia's Department of Agriculture (Jabatan Pertanian). Originally known as Raja Kunyit (Tumeric King).

First planted in Tanah Merah Kelantan, throughout the years D197 Musang King was famous among Malaysian-Chinese durian farmers, and through their effort in branding and exportation to relatives in far China mainland, Musang King Durian now famous as #1 specialized quality durian variety in the world, and the most expensive traits ever,

Among Malaysian-Chinese, Musang King Durian was known as Mao Shan Wang meaning Mountain Cat King. Which refers to the fruit content/flesh that resembles sleeping cat in features. Over the years, Mao Shan changed by locals because of it affix into Musang the weasel. And Wang into King. Hence the recently popular naming D197 Musang King Durian.

Durio zibethinus's D197 Musang King 
- RM60/kg (about RM100 per fruit), 30% to 40% more pricey than other durians.
- Color: Dusty, grey-ish green husk.
- Spike: Blunt (not quiet sharp), pyramidal-shaped, far apart from each other.
- Shape: Not round, more to bean-like, kidney-bean, an oval egg or imperfect pear-shaped.
- Seam at the bottom: This is the one that set Musang King apart, the seam looks like five-arm starfish, brown color, very visible.
- The Crown: Smooth, bald, and small buffer gap between crown and where spike begins.
- The Flesh: Thick shiny golden-yellow, fatty sweet with a hint of bitterness aftertaste. Custard-y, creamy, very soft in texture.

Credits: BH Online.
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