Maybank2u Pay Payment Solution For Malaysian Blogger & eShop

No more shady payment solution or PM me or whatsapp to finalize order, if you own a blog and want to accept money directly from it for whatever reasons eg: selling preloved, hobby items, homemade cookies etc, Maybank2u Pay is available for you.

Maybank2u Pay
One of the new service includes Maybank2u Pay, a complete payment solution for your business. Suitable for small merchant or established businesses. Anybody who have Maybank account eligible to register and become one of the Maybank2u Pay to start accepting payments online. Since Maybank2u Pay is an official service provided by Maybank the #1 bank in Malaysia, hence we can trust every money transactions being done with upmost financial security.

A. Maybank2u Pay
Making online payments easier for your online customers. Right on your website interface, by debiting their Maybank savings or current accounts.
1. Maybank2u Pay for Blogger/ Blogshop
2. Maybank2u Pay for eCommerce Website

Pay with Maybank2u PAY.
B. Maybank2u Pay Bill Payments
Let customers pay bills by debiting Maybank savings or current accounts or local credit cards issued by Maybank or other banks in Malaysia.
3. Maybank2u Bill Payments
4. JomPay

Maybank2u PAY support Wordpress Woocommerce and Easystore.

How to Apply for Maybank2u Pay
1. Logon to Maybank2u Pay portal.
2. Create account and register as payee by completing online form.
3. Once accepted, you will be given few documents to sign upon, print and fill up the documents.
4. Courier the completed form to Menara Maybank.

1. If you register for Maybank2u Pay, you will be given UAT Payee Code to test with your blog/ eshop.
2. If you register for Maybank2u Bill Payments/ JomPay, Maybank representative will meet you to discuss your business, technical and operational requirements in detail.

See video below to learn more about Maybank2u Pay. An easy way to manage your transactions, for blogshop and small online business owner.

If you are representing a bigger business, skip everything above and apply for Maybank2u Business instead. A business bank account with wider banking services available:
1. Zero fees for FTT or Visa Direct, for overseas transfer.
2. MBCC for SME, a program to grow your business further.
3. Maybank2e, a corporate cash management banking solutions.
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