Photobook Malaysia Just Like Your Old Photo Album But Better

In the era of Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, Google+ it seems outdated to use photo album anymore. However, does it? Here comes Photobook Malaysia.

The fate of photo album not going to be gone into oblivion like many expect. In fact, in this digital age where everybody able to take photos, some photos worth more than other in the scrolling page. Hence Photobook Malaysia was created to transform your magical moments into more personalized, touchable keepsakes. Like the old photo album, but better.

Info: Photobook Malaysia is the #1 leading and most popular photo album printing service available in Malaysia, with stellar print quality, superb binding, high quality papers and detailed hand-made processes suit your impeccable way of storing memories. Suitable for memorable events eg: wedding (wedding cards printing is also available), graduation, travel cards, or birthday album.

Easy steps of making your photo album via Photobook.

Photobook Malaysia is a fully customized photo album, design 100% according to your taste, from the front cover to every photo album pages, with the color and template design that you like. You can choose the type of paper, hardcover of soft, normal, big or small sized photo album, and printing quality as well.

Popular Photobook products.

Not just that Photobook Malaysia offers varieties of other medium to make your moment unforgettable, unique, exquisite and personalized. Make and share them as you please.
- Photobooks
- Photo pillows (home decor)
- Photo prints
- Canvas prints
- Mugs/ teddy bears (photo gifts)
- Stationary, calendars and more

If you are in a hurry, go to A. Photobook Malaysia website and quickly order your photo album. If you want more time to customize and make every aspect as perfect as you would, download the free B. Photobook Designer app and start designing offline, before you finally send your photo album creation to Photobook Malaysia to be printed out.

A. Photobook Malaysia (Online/ Simple)
1. Choose a format.
2. Upload your photos.
3. Design.
4. Order.

B. Photobook Malaysia (Offline/ Full features)
1. Download & install Photobook Designer (Malaysia).
2. Create your photobook offline.
3. Add photos including from Facebook or Flickr.
4. Better designing using drag & drop.
5. Order.

Photobook Malaysia is superb in their service
1. 7 day guaranteed shipping.
2. Free express shipping (for orders above RM150).
3. 100% quality guaranteed.
4. Free personalization option (tools, designs, materials).

Cover example: hardcover imagewrap.
Paper example: photo lustre 190 gsm giving look and feel just like genuine photo print.
Printed using the latest industry-leading HP Indigo 7600 press.
Library-quality durable PUR perfect binding.
Beautiful layout choices in Photobook Designer, absolutely free.

See Scha Alyahya promo video below, to get an insight about this amazing Photobook Malaysia.

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