RM280 Monthly Shoebox Rental i-City

Malaysia has a problem, it seems local realtors now is ready to embrace full-blown capitalistic approach on properties they got.

Aneurin Nanggar on Twitter recently lashed out his property agent/ and the said landlord who sent him photos of a very small unit for rental, tinier than micro-apartment, less than normal room, a subdividing shoebox property space somewhere at Padang Rawa near i-City Shah Alam.

Shoebox i-City Rental
1. RM280 per month.
2. Fit for a single-size bed/ double decker.
3. No window.
4. Shared air-conditioner unit.

The mantra probably, location, location, location. Shoebox rental is probably normal for poor dwellings in cities like Hong Kong, France, Manhattan or even Singapore, but in Malaysia, really? with that rental rate? Shoebox rental is really a piss-off. Shoebox units benefit no one but profit-driven landlord.

Photos credit: Aneurin Nanggar.

No window, shared air-cond unit.
The size of a coffin.
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