2018 Hajj Pre-Departure at Tabung Haji Sepang

1439H hajj pilgrims from Malaysia will enter Makkah this year starting July 28th, 2018. Uniquely this year, Tabung Haji Sepang or officially named Movenpick Hotel and Convention Centre (MHCC) Sepang was completed, allowing for bigger pilgrims handling and smoother services in one go.

Following the "Makkah Road" initiative set by Saudi Arabia, some of lengthy hajj participants' immigration/ Saudi visa checking will be done as early as from arriving at Tabung Haji Complex Sepang. Following with special fast visa checking when pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia's airports.

Hajj pre-departure at TH Sepang:
1. Say goodbye to family, wear TH ID card to collect yellow TH rucksack, and silver metal TH wrist tag, TH baggage tags etc.
2. Long queing from Anjung Tinjau, follow designated numbered pillars.
3. Enter Mentari Hall's door, health book checking right after.
4. Passport Counter: Passport/ flight ticket given, according to individual TH ID card.
5. Cargo baggage security scan by immigration.
6. Luggage counter: Cargo baggage weighing & check-in, must show passport & flight ticket (MAS/ FLYNAS).
7. Walk for full-body security scan and hand luggage security scan.
8. Sit & wait for digital face photo taking and 10 finger-hands scan.
9. Briefing Hall: Sit and listen to short and final hajj briefing by Tabung Haji, ended with du'a and athan. Non-compulsary TH money saving/ changer and qurban ritual payment is here at the back.
10. Walk slowly in groups, through exit passageways to bus pick-up to KLIA Airport. Free seating 42 persons per bus, no worry if separated, just ride the next bus, meet again at KLIA.

TH Sepang on the map.
TH Sepang floor map.
Pilgrims movement in TH Sepang Complex.
Pilgrims movement in KLIA.
Malaysian immigration departure checking, KLIA.
Saudi Arabia pre-departure ID/ visa checking, KLIA.

Depart from KUL - Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), took eight flight hours to hajj arrival terminals in either...
1. JED - King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah.
2. MED - Prince Mohammad bin Abdulaziz Airport, Medina.

Saudi Arabia Makkah Road in Jeddah Airport for Tabung Haji pilgrims from Malaysia.

Quick 20 minutes "Makkah Road" from exiting planes to buses, directly to provided hotels (maktab) by TH.

TH services for Malaysian pilgrims during Hajj trip in Saudi Arabia.
1. Customer service counter.
2. Money saving/ withdrawal.
3. Clinic.
4. Telecommunication.
5. Talian Ibadah (TAIB) for direct 24/7 Q&A regarding anything about hajj.

Credits: Tabung Haji.
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