Batu Caves 2018 Newly-Colored Instagram Worthy Rainbow Shrine

A sacred Hindu shrines Batu Caves in Gombak now has new stunning look. Each and every 272 stairs to the top Temple Cave now already been repainted with vibrant and stunning colors.

Now Batu caves is becoming more and more instagram worthy, the rate of selfies at Batu Caves is believes to increase two folds. Those staircases now looks better, a revamped magnet attraction for visitors to the site.

Zoom out a bit. Along with the dazzling rainbow colors of the staircases, there stood on the right the shining golden statue of, the tallest in the world, Lord Murugan in the foreground.

Despite all the new look, there is a little authority war silently happening at the back, between Batu Caves temple committee and the Malaysian's heritage guardian, National Heritage Department, of the only original Sri Subramaniar Swamy Temple located at the top (inside the cave) of those rainbow staircase, as the temple apparently listed as National Heritage Site.

While the committee leaked about already spending RM6.1 million so far on the renovation cost for the whole 13 temples in Batu Caves, including new entrance towers, new tiles, paint and sculptures among other to upgrade Batu Caves to look a lot like those in India, or even better. The National Heritage Department is not happy.

This unapproved renovation done by temple committee probably risked Batu Caves to be delisted from the Malaysia National Heritage Site.

If you like to compare, see here the old Batu Caves.

Photos credit: NST, The Star, Serhat Baskin.

Play video below for better viewing about the whole new colorful look of Batu Caves compound. For tourist, it is only RM6 one-way by KTM line train, 35 minutes journey, from KL Sentral to Batu Caves.

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