Jho Low's RM143 Million Bombardier Global 500 Jet

This is an other big luxury item seized related to 1MDB money laundering, fugitive Malaysian billionaire financier Jho Low's private jet Bombardier Global 500.

Jho Low's luxury private jet the Bombardier Global 500 jet is currently being grounded at Singapore's Seletar Airport since February 2017. With red notice pasted on its door implying that Jho Low's jet has been impounded by the authorities.

Here is some fact about Jho Low's Bombardier Global 500:
- Bought at a price of RM143 million (USD35 million).
- Manufacturer serial number 9265.
- FAA jet registration number N689WM.
- Owned by Jho Low under Wynton Aviation, and Bank Northwest as "owner trustee".
- Got two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines (Serials 12487 & 12488) USD1.8 million each.
- Flying at speed 1090 km/h (Mach 0.89).
- Bought in 2010.

Jho Low's Bombardier Global 500 luxury:
- Bespoke interior to suit wealthy owner.
- Spacious cabin, plush leather seats, fine dining.
- Traveled to famous world destinations over the years.
- 2010 London. 2011 Changi Singapore. 2014 Greece. 2015 Paris.
- Espresso machine, microwave, hot/ cold food storage.

Below is the real crime-scene image.

N689WM aircraft being impounded at Setapar Airport, Singapore.

This is the closest the jet can be, impounded by the actions of DoJ, Tun M as Malaysian PM already says he want to repo the aircraft but until August 14th, Malaysian authority not yet making any formal request seeking return of this RM143 million worth of vehicle.

If you want to know how Jho Low managed to buy this luxury private jet? allegedly using Malaysian taxpayers money, read here. Look also here seized Jho Low's RM1 billion superyacht.
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