Kandawaris Songket Motif Pewter Studs (Butang Baju Melayu)

Here is Kandawaris songket motif pewter studs/ costume buttons an exquisite accessory to be worn to suit elegently for your Baju Melayu shirt for Raya Eid-ul-fitr, Malay wedding, souvenir from Malaysia etc.

Baju Melayu studs can't never be more high-end than this. Kandawaris studs is above normal, you can put it in all honor; premium, elegant, classy, cultured, for a set of studs this is a sure high class.

Kandawaris pewter studs so far comes with seven designs, really goes deep into legacy flowery traditional Malay fashion designs of songket. But it is also super simple, minimalist and looks super expensive, it is hard not to love those studs, specially cast on pewter, by Kandawaris.

Get to know all about these rare germs designed by Kandawaris. Even in Malaysia, you can't really find these studs anywhere, except on very few sales channels eg: mall pop-up booth if you got lucky.

Kandawaris studs #1. Bunga Bertabur consist of two or three isolated or scattered motifs eg: Bunga Cengkih and Bunga Cermai that are arranged alternatively.

Kandawaris studs #2. Tampuk Manggis is named after a fruit called mangosteen. This motif has a small cross shape or a small rhomboid shape at the center. It is surrounded by eight identical petals, arranged closely together.

Kandawaris studs #3. Bunga Cendawan. Cendawan means mushroom. This motif consists of four petals that are joined in the center and shaped to resemble a mushroom with a long stem.

Kandawaris studs #4. Bunga Bintang motif consists of eight pointed petals that are joined in the middle to form a star. This motif is also known as Bunga Pecah Lapan.

Kandawaris studs #5. Tampuk Kecupu resembles a flower with eight petals and the shape of the motif is almost rounded with a square dot or a cross at the center.

Kandawaris studs #6. Bunga Pecah Empat consists of four petals, as the Malay word empat means four. It normally refers to a motif without the name of any specific flower.

Kandawaris studs #7. Bunga Melur is a tiny white flower with four petals and has a nice scent. The size of the motif can be medium or small and often found as an individual motif.

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