Malaysia Crypto Mining 1% - 1.4% Returns From BitzaraPro Everyday

It seems crypto mining activity has finally coming to Malaysia and being accepted by public across the country.

Popular right now is BitzaraPro. A cumulative pool of money from normal investors like you and me is being used to buy and operates bitcoin mining rig somewhere in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Free Sign-up: Click here to go to BitzaraPro.
Let the website load, see those sign-up (DAFTAR) button and do your sign-up.

BitzaraPro Aug 4th, 2018: 33873 active accounts (investors) with RM21 million worth of money.

BitzaraPro also using the accumulated money to trade in bitcoin and other online cryptocurrencies trading.

Every hashes (bitcoins and other cryptos) received after successful mining will be sold in the online market, real bitcoins for real cash in US Dollars.

After converting the US Dollars to Malaysian Ringgit, BitzaraPro will distribute those profits back to investors, here is the best part, investors will get from 1% to 1.4% profits everyday, for five years as a token of appreciation for becoming BitzaraPro investor.

In summary, BitzaraPro crypto business operations involved
1. Crypto mining (asics gpu mining farm).
2. Crypto futures trading (online trading just like forex, stocks etc).
3. Real crypto buy/ sell.

How to get involved in BitzaraPro?
By becoming an investor for BitzaraPro business operation.
1. RM50 - *1% returns everyday for five years.
2. RM1000 - *1.2% returns eveyday for five years.
3. RM20,000 - *1.4% returns everyday for five years.
* projected earnings, depends on BitzaraPro profit performance.

Profit more with BitzaraPro
1. BitzaraPro is paying a commission of 10% - 20% for you to introduce other paid investor to BitzaraPro.

Profit/ Money withdrawal
BitzaraPro allows everyday withdrawal from inside BitzaraPro e-wallet transfer to your bank account, in Malaysian Ringgit currency.

Disclaimer: Please be reminded, this is a brokerage activity where real money is involved, hence there is risk involved.

More than 20K investors involved now in BitzaraPro.
Get profit as early as tomorrow morning.
BitzaraPro accepts investment as minimum as RM50.
Profits paid everyday for five years.
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