Malaysia's National Icons

Officially, these are legit Malaysia's national something that every Malaysian should know, if you truly proud calling yourself Malaysian. Beyond Jalur Gemilang, you should know these.

National Colors: Black & Gold
Iit is a surprising to know that Malaysia's primary colors are in fact black and gold. That resolves the question on the significance why Nike came out with black jersey for the national football team Harimau Malaya, or how on earth the jersey of Azizulhasni Awang (#1 Olympian keirin cyclist) resembles that dark black panther suit.

Azizulhasni Awang won sprint cycling gold medal at Asian Games 2018.

National Animal: Malayan Tiger
This is saddening but Malayan Tiger Panthera tigris that ingenious to only peninsular of Malaysia now in the verge of extinction since 2014. Only about 250 Malayan Tiger left in this world, if those are gone, they gone for good, forever.

Malayan Tiger cubs in Prague zoo, born November last year 2017.

National Flower: Red Bunga Raya
If Turkey got tulips, Malaysia got Hibiscus Rosa sinensis as national flower. Some characteristics includes eye catching big red petals, blooms in Malaysia's soil throughout the year and requires next to no maintenance. Tourism Malaysia used Bunga Raya as their campaign logo for years before that monkey wearing shades next to blurry KLCC appears this year out of nothing.

See that? bold red bunga raya.

National Bird: Hornbill
Take a flight from KLIA to Kuching for this as you need to be in Sarawak to see this big bird Rhinoceros Hornbill Buceros rhinoceros in their reserved natural habitat. Full black feathers, white and black stripes tail like Adidas logo, and that obvious glorified bright orange-yellow casque above its beak.

Hornbill Restaurant & Cafe at KL Bird Park.

National Fruit: Papaya
It obviously Durian right? The king of king of fruit, that spiky Musang King trait, number one in the world. No! The throne for Malaysia's national fruit is since day one, that orange soft and squish-able papaya.

City Milk's papaya drink.

National Dish: Nasi Lemak
Of course, nasi lemak or let me translate it to you, coconut milk rice. Oh so delicious with spicy but sweet oily red sambal, drizzles with fried anchovies and fried groundnuts. Don't forget half an egg to make your breakfast fuller and two slices of cucumber to make it looks healthy. Very traditional, found on every food stall every morning, cheap but many already got wealthy selling this national dish.

Nasi lemak with crispy chicken rendang by MyBurgerLab.

Photos credit: Azizulhasni Awang, Jessmyn Welfred.
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