Netflix (Malaysia) Premium UltraHD Only USD4

Netflix, it is a global digital TV and movies library full of great contents, along with many Netflix originals, hence you get fresh contents like every day.

In comparison, Netflix Malaysia is better than iFlix Malaysia, since many new movies and releases are quick appearing in Netflix library, and abundance of selections also makes Netflix stay relevant and fresher everytime.

Netflix Malaysia like all global Netflix is not free, but for a new user, Netflix is giving you...

Netflix Premium UltraHD (1 Month)
RM15 Click here

which you can cancel just before your 30 days of trial is over. A notification will be sent to you to your email or phone, 3 days before the end of this 30 days.

How to subscribe to Netflix Malaysia:
1. Just go to
2. Click that red "Join Free For A Month" button.
3. See the plans. Choose from 3 plans available, "Standard plan" is the most common since it gives you HD quality and 2 screens watching at the same time. Plans can be upgrade/ downgrade anytime, cancel anytime, and entitled to first 1 month free. Continue. Continue.
4. Put in your email and desired password. Continue.
5. Your free first month dates will appear on the next screen.
6. Enter your credit/ debit card info.
7. Click "Start Membership".

Netflix Malaysia 1 month free.

If you feel like enjoying Netflix, after first 30 days free trial is over, you just simply not doing anything and Netflix Malaysia will renew your subscription for the next 30 days, and charging your according to your Netflix plan.

Change Netflix's streaming plan, anytime.

But if you want to cancel Netflix Malaysia, here is the how:
1. On Netflix, touch that right gravatar.
2. Choose "Account" from the drop-down list.
3. Under "Acount" page, inside "Membership & Billing" at the very top just click "Cancel Membership".
4. Done.

Netflix also runs promotions/ discount from time to time through other partners. Just wanders around the internet for Netflix coupons and if you found one, at the similar "Account" page like cancel membership above:
1. Put on promo code or pin inside "Redeem Gift Card/ Promo Code" box and click "Redeem".
2. Done.

No hassle, just sign-up, run it for 30 days, then cancel. Then if you feel bored in the latter time especially during annual vacation or short outstation somewhere, simply go back to Netflix and you will be able to "Restart Your Membership" at anytime. No hidden contracts, no lengthy delays.

Scroll down the movie streaming wall of Netflix.

Too much contents, Netflix practically showing you suggested contents based on your three picked movie titles during few questionnaires right after successful sign-up. Fine-tuned over times after reading your page browsing and watching habits. But if you want to see the mother of all Netflix listings, including those hidden film and TV shows, click here.
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