PCB Beachside: Beware Of Food Stall Scams

Famous PCB or its full name Pantai Cahaya Bulan seems getting rotten reputation lately. Yes PCB the beach obviously not suitable for swimming for years but now this, concurring rip-off everywhere in year 2018.

This famous beachside destination in Kelantan for traveler foodie seeking seafood now must beware some of few dirty tricks done by food stall owners in trapping their prospective customers into paying more, few time more, up to more than RM100 per person.

PCB Scam #1: From RM7 to RM36
While ordering Claypot Tomyam Mee. Waiter refused to serve that RM7 hot-soup mee for whatever reasons, and suggest you to go for Claypot Crab Mee instead. Well the meal is okay, but not great either, and the crab is not big either. Hence when you about to pay, waiter then going to observe the meal again, saying you was served with not just crab but also few shrimps, hence the total Crab Mee now priced at RM36 with RM2 discount for error.

Claypot mee rip-off at PCB.

PCB Scam #2: Few Days Old, Rotten Ingredients
Beachside stall like this always displaying tons of fried seafood on the counter. So when you order for a meal, those already cold fried seafood again being thrown into hot oil, re-frying. Hence it is expected for some of you to be serve with smelly spoiled crab (the flesh goes bad already), boiled eggs that got hardened due to over boiling (re-boiled). And the price stays pricey, no discount or sorry anything.

Spoiled crabs served.

PCB Scam #3: No Complaint Allowed
Those stall selling seafood meals obviously run by locals for years. They know they are ripping you off. Hence if you complaint to them about anything, nothing going to change. You eat your meal already, thus you basically need just to pay and leave very quickly so they can again do the scam to other customer. If you complaint, they just going to scold you, force you to pay anyway.

Bad tempered food seller not taking any complaint.

How to avoid, either you are rich or not, we tend to get angry when our cents got rip-off. So it is better to just ask for the price of your every single meal that you are about to order.

It is advisable to order just drinks eg: coconut milk, teh tarik, to quench your thirst while enjoying your selfie on the PCB beachside. For a meal to fill your stomach, you already been warned. Order at your own risk.

PCB seems now fast becoming, beautiful beach, but bad sellers everywhere. Locals not going there for seafood anymore, so travelers please take note.

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