Automated Mechanical Car Park Tower At M Summit 191 Penang

This is Georgetown, Penang most in-style automated robotic parking system. Towering at 34 stories at one side of M Summit 191 office suites building.

The robotic M Summit 191 automated towering car parking system is the first "comb like" car park ever in Malaysia, 34-storey in three car parking towers, can accommodate 204 cars when in full capacity.

Not just looks nice and super dope in new tech perspective, but this automated car parking also effective in preventing car jacking, vandalism and car thief like 100%. The environment also very safe for women drivers as well.

As for today, this car parking is very much likened by many for its always operating car parking robot, reasonable car parking fee, and its location at Magazine Road near Penang's Komtar, shopping malls and famous street food hubs.

There is a big LED screen at the M Summit 191 driveway showing available car parking bays for saloon, SUV and MPV cars. Use this automated parking robot and help the city resolves its traffic woes in Penang city, one place at a time.

Photos credit: Malay Mail, mSummit 191.

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