iFlix Original KL Gangster Underworld

Iflix is now investing about USD133 million in its own production iFlix Originals. Along with iFlix snacks and all, comes now KL Gangster Underworld. A dark thriller iFlix tv series of full six episodes.

KL Gangster Underworld is a series resolving around hero Shah, the next in line heir to a group of Kampung Baru triad lead by Ayah Zan. He however secretly falling in love with Elina, a young female pimp owned by rival Cheras gangster group lead by Tauke. Tauke and Ayah Zan caught them red-handed, and requires Shah to do one final task of saving Tauke's stolen shipment before they would be given permission to out from gangsterism. But something not right happens, that shipment proved to be only an ill set-up by Tauke to oust Kampung Baru gangster group. The underworld is shaking, the next war is about to happens.

KL Gangster Underworld on iFlix.
KL Gangster Underworld, main triads map.

KL Gangster Underground is based on story of all triad groups in Kuala Lumpur after their most feared ruler King and Tiger from Petaling Street gangster group all dead after brutal gangster war in previous Malaysian film KL Gangster I and KL Gangster II. The only thing that prevent all gangster groups in KL from killing each other now is mutual destruction, secured and guarded by Madam Wong from Bangsar triad, but that also seems not really fixed on a solid ground anymore.

iFlix Original

Written and directed by Syamsul Yusof from Skop Production.

Shah - Beto Kushairy
Shah's lover, Elina - Ezzaty Abdullah
Shah's sister, Shameen - Nabila Huda
Belut - Amerul Affendi
Tauke - Azhan Rani
Madam Wong - Dynas Mokhtar
and more..

Watch iFlix Original's KL Gangster Underworld official trailer below.

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