Maxis Reminding Us About Declining Voices of Endangered Malaysians

This Merdeka Maxis came out poetic with beautiful and meaningful animal portrait photos on their TV commercial this year August 31st, 2018, in wishing happy independence day for all Malaysian.

Endangered Malaysians
Instead of just go nuts following pop culture celebrating the happy go lucky slogan Sayangi Malaysiaku (Love My Malaysia), fireworks, youtube #MerdekaChallenge and all during national day, Maxis goes away from the city deep into Malaysia's rainforest seeking for little to be heard of, declining faces of these endangered Malaysians.

Celebrated animal potrait photos taken using Huawei P20 smartphone camera. That includes valuable tropical animals endemic to Malaysia that long falls into endangered species list.
1. Malayan Tapir
2. Orang Utan
3. Hornbill
4. Asian Elephant
5. Malayan Tiger

These three seems nowhere to be found during the mission.
6. The Gaur
7. Sambar Dear
8. River Terrapin

We Are Malaysians
It is not easy to meet these other faces of Malaysian, even thought right at their homes. So much adventure. In ensuring them to continue their existence, Maxis is donating RM1 for every pledge done by you and me, to Perhilitan (Malaysian Forestry), in re-spark the awareness about preservation of endangered species in Malaysia.

We Are Malaysians

A bigger realization on "Born In Malaysia" not just about us the people of Malaysia, it also about animals who have every rights to be here, and who are just as Malaysian as we are. For the sake of brighter Malaysia, a better tomorrow, every Malaysian deserves it.

Photos credit: Maxis.

Malayan Tapir.
Orang Utan.
Asian Elephant.
Malayan Tiger.
Play video below to see complimentary short documentary by Maxis, The Endangered Malaysians. 3 photographers eg: commercial lifestyle photographer David Lok, independent documentary photographer Nana Safiana, professional photojournalist Kenny Loh on their two days missions to come closer to those animals.

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