Avengers Tower Kuala Lumpur

If you looking for the world famous playboy, billionaire, philanthropist, Mr. Stark or famously known as Ironman, you might find him (probably) on top of this very obvious tower building in Bangsar near Federal Highway.

TM confirmed this last April by coming out from disguise, showing off the A (Avengers logo) on top side of their building, conforming long though about similar resemblance between Stark Tower and Telekom Tower.

Part of the joint-venture promotion effort between telecommunication company TM Malaysia the owner of Telekom Tower and Marvel Studios for the screening of latest superhero movie franchise Avengers: Infinity War (2018).

Update Oct 2018:
Six months after, a subsidiary TMnet the biggest internet provider company in Malaysia announcing they are upgrading the internet connection services, to fiber optics, for the whole country, Malaysia. Is this part of discreet transfer technology between TM and Mr. Stark? Obviously Stark need highest internet speed possible to operate the tower anyway.

Unify/ Router/ Fiber Optic Cable

From copper lines broadband of Streamyx 1/2/4/8 Mbps to TMnet Unify 30Mbps/100Mbps fiber broadband.

Photos credit: @Keywai

See the Avengers Tower Kuala Lumpur short night sight video below. Play it.

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