A Nice, Calm & Blessed Country Named Malaysia

Our neighbor down west, Indonesia, recently being battered with 7.5 magnitude earthquake and fatal 6m tsunami in Palu (Central Sulawesi), threat of eruption from Soputan Volcano (North Sulawesi) and Luzon (Philippines) up east already been pummels by Super Typhoon Mangkhut. Malaysia in comparison got none, zero and here is why.

If anything Malaysia got seasonal raining (and flood) along the East Coast of Peninsular (West Malaysia), yet still they are light and manageable. And cool, wonderful flowing winds that barely touching the very tip of the Land Under The Wind, Sabah (East Malaysia).

Here is the reason why:
- Malaysia got no active volcano, none volcanoes exist actually.
- Malaysia reside on safe distant away from any plate boundaries.
- Malaysia located safely below, just south from the East Asia's typhoon-prone region.

Photos credit: Sir Zayn, Yogi Amir, USGS, NOAA.

Earth-shaking and lava-releasing plate boundaries just perfectly circling away from Malaysia.
Worldwide tropical cyclone centers, Malaysia not even listed.
(A) Path of every typhoons in the region for the past 25 years.
(B) Earthquakes in Indonesia for the past 40 years (1973-2013).
(A+B) Simply superimpose it, Malaysia in safe and sound.

Unfortunately, while the above data is true. Malaysia is no longer safe and secure as it looks. Due to long and many earthquakes happening nearby, those occurrences slowly activating some weakest earth tectonic plates points in Malaysia. According to a new map by USGC, the Pacific Ring of Fire is actually ever changing/ growing, and Malaysia now included/ sits on top of it as well.

Malaysia is now in-the-zone of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The above latest Pacific Ring of Fire map currently been confirmed by Prof. Mus UM. At Temenggong for example, six old quake points readily been noticed/ re-activated, scale from 2 to 3.8 in magnitudes, happening since 2009 to 2014. Bukit Tinggi, 30 re-activated quake points, since 2007.
Kenyir, also re-activated, long since 1984.

All due to deformation of tectonic plates originates from Sumatra. After devastating 2016 Acheh earthquake, some places in Malaysia already experiencing locally borne earthquakes, while low in magnitudes, those shaking are all real.
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