Gegar Vaganza 5 2018 Concert Live Streaming

Watch 12 contestants, great singers of the past, re-emerging in a singing competition a battle for winner's trophy in Gegar Vaganza Season-5 (2018). Live every Sunday, 8:50pm.

GV5 Winners Lineup.

Gegar Vaganza 5 (2018) Winners & Prizes
Winner: RM100K - Noryn Aziz
2nd: RM50K - Dia Fadila
3rd: RM30K - Zamani
4th: RM20K - Amelina
5th: RM15K - Maya Matahari
6th: RM10K - Billy Zulkarnain
... all with GV5 trophies from Astro.

Gegar Vaganza 2018 Live Concert Schedule
Date/Time: Every Saturday, 9pm (GMT +8)
TV Channels: Astro Ria & Ria HD
Venue: Auditorium Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA)
Sponsors: Adabi (Malaysian spices), Cuckoo (water filter), D'Herbs (wellness)

Latest Live Concert
Gegar Vaganza 2018 Concert Live Streaming
Week 7 (Final, Nov 18th 2018): Play live video below.

Past Gegar Vaganza 2018 concerts
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Noryn Aziz Crowned Winner of GV5 2018
Now joining the reign of Gegar Vaganza winner's lineup, 1st place for Noryn Aziz in Gegar Vaganza 5.

GV5 Noryn Aziz.

Dia Fadila Secured 2nd Place In GV5
When Noryn Aziz announced as the winner, Dia Fadila understood she won the 2nd place.

GV5 Dia Fadila.

Zamani Got Immunity
Zamani [IG] got serious sore throat, tried to sing Mengapa Perpisahan Yang Kau Pinta - Flybaits yet still unable to perform at all in GV5 2018 concert week 5. Professional jury Dato' Ramli M. S. said what if Zamani still sick again next week? D'Herbs' Aliff Syukri however said it is not fair to kick out Zamani out of the blue and used up his one-time immunity given as a sponsor to retain Zamani on GV5 2018. But a day after, Zamani's manager revealed that Zamani almost cried, really embarrassed because it was his sole job to sing for his fans, he is a sensitive at heart, decided to withdraw himself but managed to wheedle back by his manager.

Zamani Unable To Sing But Proceed Anyway
Zamani sparks judges controversy again in GV5 by unable to sing during his first song in semi-final yet not eliminated. Permanent judge Dato' Ramli M. S. explained Zamani got almost zero, in fact he didn't wrote marks at all for Zamani first song's performance, yet Zamani managed to wow-ed the whole three judges when he managed to sing very well, getting almost full marks from all the judges for his 2nd song.

Zamani Left GV5 With RM50K
Unexpected results in the final concert week. Zamani was by merit awarded 3rd place in the final Gegar Vaganza 5 2018, walks away with a trophy and cash prize reward of RM30,000.

Bio: Zamani Bin Ibrahim from Ampang, Selangor. In 1999 Slam officially put Zamani for a temporary rest after Zamani made a move to ousts himself from the group. The group then shattered after Shah (Shah SLAM) as group leader (now his manager) joining legendary Search for music album Selepas Banjir. Zamani proceed himself as a solo singer since 2002.

GV5 Zamani.
GV5 Amelina.
GV5 Billy Zulkarnain.
GV5 Maya Matahari.

GV5 Forteen.
GV5 Hetty Sarlene.
Farawahida Simply Can't Keepup
GV5 entered the quarter-final stage. Despite of Farawahida [IG]'s effort performing her best in delivering a song Ayat-Ayat Cinta yet she must agreed that all other singer contestants are just better in week 6 of GV5 2018. Farawahida said she felt grateful and hoped her fans keep supporting her as a singer, from now on at the outside GV5 competition.

Bio: Farawahida binti Razali from Perak. Farawahida known for her career in singing theme songs or OSTs for local film and dramas. Her first song was for the TV series Masih Ada Cinta published by Millenium Art.

Top Songs: Tanpamu, Masih Ada Di Sini.

GV5 Farawahida.

Nervous Shafie Rio Out
Shafie Rio [FB] who performed ft. Azharina for a song Ada Apa Dengan Cinta - Melly Goeslaw, was elected out from Gegar Vaganza 2018 Concert Week 4 after received the lowest mark of the week. Jury Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim commented on Shafie Rio's performance as seen nervous, the singer also seems not given his best this week.

Bio: Shafiee Bin Ali or Shafie Rio, born in Johor, famous in 1990's, among the first singer signed under FMC Music. Once a finalist in Pujaan 10 Nescafe 1992.

Top songs: Layu Di Hujung Mekar, Haruskah.

GV5 Shafie Rio.

Elite Eliminated
Grapple of Elite [Azza:IG] [Sasha:IG] [Watie:IG] [Linda:IG] group was ended at just Week 3 of GV5 2018. Elite was the 2nd contestant eliminated from GV5 after showing some 'deadly' technicality problem among them in presenting a song Ku Bahagia - Melly Goeslaw. Elite members however got praised for their honest mood and cooperation between them in delivering the song.

Bio: First KRU Records recording artist group introduced in 1996. Nicknamed as Malaysian's Spice Girls, first performed live in front of music audience in Awasda' Concert KRU 1995.

Top Songs: G.I.G, Trauma.

GV5 Elite.
GV5 Safura.

How about GV6/ Gegar Vaganza 6 Next Year?
Viewers is as high as expected. But then there were surges of online viewers during eight weeks of GV5 broadcasts. Meaning GV5 successfully attracted young viewers as well. Hence there could be and will be GV6 next year in 2019. But not just expect that, Astro Broadcasting is broadening their live, reality, and singing competition contents, offering more singing performances program than ever.
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