Menora Tunnel Frequent Site Of Traffic Accidents

Menora Tunnel or Terowong Meru-Menora/ Meru-Menora Tunnel bores into a massive hill range above it, on PLUS Highway code M2PH+55 Ipoh, Perak connecting Perak to Kuala Lumpur.

The surrounding of Menora Tunnel is actually somewhat breathtaking. Lush healthy greens and huge hill range, and a line of road leading into it.

Facts about Menora Tunnel
- highway in Perak near Jelapang
- part of North-South Expressway Northern Route (PLUS)
- runs underneath Keledang Range
- opened since 1986
- two tunnels (Meru and Menora) side by side for each road direction

Breathtaking traffic coming downhill forward towards Menora Tunnel.
800m Menora Tunnel 100m ahead, to Kuala Lumpur.
Cruising inside Menora Tunnel.
Exiting Menora Tunnel after an easy cornering.

Drivers can easily archive 120 km/h going downhill, passing the whole 800 m in under a minute, its fun but, be careful when you leading into Menora Tunnel though. The site is a frequent fatal tragedy involving big rig/ huge vehicles traffic accidents.

Skid-off/ Flying/ Braking Problem
Mostly fatal, roadkill, due to flaws in topography. You down the slope in zig-zag which requires more effort in braking, quick reflects while taking corners, while the expressway route also horizontally not very level from left to right.

There are white walls/ wall cover installed along Menora Tunnel inside, yet still some serious quick change in light exposure while speeding also challenge your eyes adaptation. Once you are out of the tunnel the sunlight will probably blind you.

Due to so many accidents happening, people starts questioning if probably there could be ghost(s) residing the Menora Tunnel area. The Five (5) Ghosts of Menora Tunnel. Without Menora Tunnel, and the expressway, the area is after all.. just deep uninhibited rainforest.

Oct 6th, 2018 - Five family members killed, dragged by a lost control trailer.
Feb 19th, 2018 - Two cars overtuned following a collision inside Menora Tunnel.
...and more here.

Play video below to see a superbike motorist take on cornering, inside Menora Tunnel.

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