PATRIOT 2020 & Other Luxury Plate Numbers In Malaysia

Happens in June 2018, when Malaysia's 7th PM Tun Mahathir won the bid for PATRIOT 2020 plate number. Since then, plate numbers that begins with 'PATRIOT' showing significant bidding traction.

You can still bid for unsold PATRIOT plate number through this NGO Yayasan Patriot Negara Malaysia (YPNM), joining Tun M with his PATRIOT 2020 installed on his RM500K Bufori Geneva (brand new price for this car is actually RM1.5 million).

PATRIOT 1 starts at RM1 million, gaining into RM1.308 million in bidding and secretly bought off already by confidential "bidder from the south" in 2015. Set to be the most expensive number plate in Malaysia thought with that RM1 million open auction price, and all five wealthy bidders involved all paid 20% from that sum each as deposit to back their bids.

Other four digits PATRIOT plate numbers now, year 2018, being listed for bidding at a discount of only RM250. Three digits PATRIOT plate number started at RM1.5K but can also be as expensive as RM6K or RM16K. Two digits priced at RM20K average, but most expensive among all is PATRIOT 4 at RM150K and PATRIOT 5 at RM580K.

Malaysia 1
Auction won by a Johor-based investment firm Aldi International Sdn Bhd for RM1,111,111 in August 2018.

V 1
Highest number plate ever paid by the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj. RM989,000 paid for an honor to use this plate number in 2016. For a fact, all sultans in Malaysia can roam freely without any plate numbers, they got their own distinctive royal coat of arms/ royalty logos.

F 1
Bidding price of RM836,660 won again by the famous king Sultan Ibrahim Ismail. Glued to his all-new 2016 Proton Perdana. Some rumors that a local celebrity from Ipoh, Michelle Yeoh (current wife to Jean Todt FIA President, former Ferrari CEO), also bid for this plate number closed for a whopping RM5 million but just a bit late right after the auction session ended in JPJ Headquarters, Putrajaya.

W 1 N
Bid won at RM748K by also Sultan Ibrahim Ismail, the Sultan of Johor in 2014. Installed on his 2014 Proton Suprima S.

Sultan Ibrahim Ismail again paid this expensive number plate at a price of RM520K in 2012. Plated on his Proton Satria Neo.

F 2
Won by a bidder named Goh Fong Yee at RM514,800 in 2016.

Malaysia 99
Bought by 99 Speed Mart Sdn Bhd, the owner of mini-market chain 99 Speedmart at bidding price RM501,500.
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