The Best of Proton X70 SUV Part 1/4: Refined Styling

Proton X70 now opens for booking online. Now Proton officially show us what Proton X70 SUV is all about. Latest tech, luxury interior, modern body design, here are all about 2018 Proton X70 SUV, the very best Proton got to offer for its first ever SUV.

 Proton X70 refined styling.

These first line of photos below showing you what to expect on Proton X70 SUV, the overall catchy design that easily attract the seeing eyes.

Proton X70 LED headlamps/ daytime lamps for superb all weather visibility.
Proton X70 solid 18-inch alloy wheels for all terrain.
Proton X70 fast illumination LED rear combination lamps.
Proton X70 high performance rear diffuser with appealing dual exhausts.
Proton X70 luxurious soft-to-touch instrument panel.
Proton X70 advanced 7-inch HD LCD meter display.
Proton X70 soft and supple nappa leather power seats.
Proton X70 panoramic sunroof for a sense of space and luxury under the sun.

As you can see, the official Proton X70 SUV comes with five color choices and three types of seat fabric finishes in the interior. Colors/ seat finishes availability depends on the variants of your Proton X70 SUV that choose. Four variants of Proton X70 SUV available in for the market right now (Malaysia).

Proton X70 Standard 2WD
Variant #1, the base specs for all four Proton X70-s.
- 1.8L TGDi petrol engine
- 6 speed automatic with manual shift mode
- 17" alloy wheels
- Halogen headlamps
- Black Fabric seats
- 8" touchscreen head unit
- Rear view camera
- Colors: Snow White/ Armored Silver

Proton X70 Standard 2WD variant.

Proton X70 leaked video. By the black fabric color of the seats, probably Proton X70 Standard 2WD in armour silver body paint.

The Best of Proton X70 SUV
Part 1/4: Refined Styling

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